Big League Pillows Joins Effort to Fight Covid-19 (read more)

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Big League Pillows Factory Producing Face Masks in the Effort to Fight Covid-19

As COVID-19 has hit the United States over the past few weeks, all Americans have come to see the impact of the disease on our daily lives. While the majority of us fight its spread through quarantine and staying home, for those on the front lines - in hospitals and makeshift facilities - they are coming in direct contact with the disease every day. These brave doctors, nurses, and volunteers are expected to face an unprecedented influx of symptomatic patients over the coming weeks and months, a wave that could overwhelm the existing healthcare system and current stock of ventilators, protective masks, gowns, and other gear. 

Made in the USA


Big League Pillows are "Made in the USA" and our company takes that distinction to heart. Our country needs all of us right now. To that end, we have decided to temporarily direct our factory towards manufacturing face masks to help our healthcare workers stay safe on the front lines of this fight. If you have placed an order, please anticipate reasonable delays during this national crisis.


We thank you for your patience and understanding, as we all strive to do what we can to "flatten the curve" and keep as many people as healthy as possible. Your faith in our business means so much to us, and we sincerely hope you understand where our hearts are. "Dreaming Big" means overcoming a great challenge.

Together we will find a way.